Village Green Tour of Gardens (in White Center)

July 20th, 2013

FREE!!! The Village Green Tour of Gardens in White Center (formerly known by other names…) has been a much anticipated tour for 19 years now, drawing tour goers from the Olympic Peninsula all the way to Portland. We have so much diversity and creativity in this community, and this is a time for us to FLAUNT our stuff!

The tour includes private gardens, community projects and schools with a garden focus. Areas covered include from 128th SW north to Thistle (occasionally) and 41st ave to Myers Way/509.

Beekeeping: Supplies and Information

Permaculture In Practice

Rain Gardens

Organic Gardening Basics

Collecting, Storing and Drying Herbs

Beneficial Borders

Pollinator Pathways


DIY Fertilizer mix

Backyard composting

Earthworm castings

Seasonal basics