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solution perform the operations within the parentheses first in this case first subtract 12 from 4


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worksheet where students represent division using repeated subtraction grouping model


in this example sheet2 and sheet3 are grouped when worksheets are grouped their

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a trapezoid has two parallel sides and two nonparallel sides the parallel sides are called bases removing parentheses does not mean to merely erase them

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i distributed the 4 into the grouping symbol to get rid of the fraction 12 although itu0027s okay to leave the 4 outside either of the two answers should be

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directions answer the following questions also write at least 5 examples of your own

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here the selected worksheet is about to be moved into the workbook

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as you can see maintaining the grouping implied by the bars for this expression is crucial to obtaining the correct answer

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solution perform the operations within the innermost parentheses first

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